Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ryan's room

Almost done... I'm beat, and I don't have much to say. I got rid of Lisa's old Crib today. A woman I work with is adopting an 18 month old, and I hope it helps her out. :)

Anyway... I didn't finish Ryan's room, but it's all set for tomorrow, and I should be able to finish before noon time.

just a little left to go... I have to do the closets, but I already back-cut all the moldings (ick) and pulled out all the baseboard... it should be pretty easy to do, after I clean up my pile of debris.

Les Pile DeJour:



Anthony and Karen said...

Wow Mike, I didn't know you were Mr. Fixit. I have many projects at my home just waiting for your experienced hands! The room looks great! Your mom is here egging on my comments! Some things just never change! Have a Happy New Year.

Anthony and Karen said...

Mike - I need to make a new blog category and don't know how...thought I would call it traveling north...

Love, Mom

Rachael said...

At last! I feel like I'm making contact with a lunar satellite. Hard to believe I've been in the country for 6 months and if it hadn't been for Em's wedding - I wouldn't have seen you! That must change. I'll be heading for the Casa Gazzillo de NJ in February, maybe you can squeeze us in in the morning/lunch/afternoon?????

love ya,