Saturday, July 5, 2008


Ok... Don't cry... I DO SUCK... I've been blogless for a month and I know it's a miserable thing for those of you that don't view this via RSS feed and for that I'm sorry.

Now on to the Pictures, news etc.

I have been everywhere since the last post. First off we had everyone come to Ct for Ryan's 5th... In the Morning we all headed out for a little breakfast.... This was .... uneventful for us, but I guess a bit eventful for the people at the flamingo place.... (overtired children, adults and no coffee makes for a colorful start to breakfast. )We had Ryan's Karate Birthday party after without any incident. Once batman arrived on the scene, those karate people knew who was boss and put on a great show. The kids loved it and the adults enjoyed the cake. While that was going on I was back at the house, and getting ready for the family party. That went well as well and it ended in a party in the pool.... the whole family in the pool and swimming together... lots of fun for all... Even Grandma and Grandpa got into the act. After Swimming, and eating and lots of running around in sprinklers, jumping on cousins, Aunts and uncles, we got back tot he business of birthdays and Ryan got an other cake and this time we added Lisa into the mix as she celebrated a few more than 30 years of vitality. :) After that we wind down in a sugar-induced crash that was recorded in the annals of history as the first complete sugar-guests-family-induced overload that ended with children passing out left and right. Over tired adults had there own reaction to all that much fun in one day...

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