Sunday, June 8, 2008


It's summer here, which means the rain is ending and the flowers and animals are making their appearances. Most notably, was the arrival of a squirrel who decided he wanted a drink from the pool and became the first causality of my backyard. I woke up and it was like a CSI mystery. There was a dead animal floating face first in my pool. The poor squirrel looks like he thought the pool cover was still on or something. I haven't put the ladder in the pool yet (waiting for the algae to all die off) so there was no escape for him.... While small grey squirrels are committing Harri-Kari in my pool, there are also our resident turkeys making the rounds. I saw a few by a business the other day and could resist shooting a few pictures of the Tom showing his plumage.

After I got home, I completed a home improvement project for myself... a fixed up my work area... I installed under cabinet lights I got at Ocean State Job Lot for $6!! What a great deal... I had to frame out the workbench area, and then hang the cabinets and peg board. It was actually kinda fun... Anyway... one more things done...

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