Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleepless 4 year old... cheap!

I know I haven't blogged in weeks, but I have a good excuse. Ryan hasn't slept through the night since I last posted. In the meanwhile, I have taken pictures, but not my 365 Blogable pictures.

Some Updates: we're all having a crazy sore throats and sneezing from the pollen (something kinda new for me... it's been a long time since the trees attacked my sinuses) Both boys slept last night for the first time in a long time. I hate to say that I have resorted to drugging them, but the allergies were a part of the issue, so a little Benadryl has gone a long way to breakiung the cycle. Ryan has had a recent attack of being afraid of his own shadow. He has been afraid of sounds in his room, and told me that hands have come from under the bed to grab him. When pressed, we find he can't move when this happens and so I'm pretty sure, he's really fast asleep and not wired into some evil force from dimension 6. He's waking up several times a night and calling me in for protracted conversations about not wanting to be alone, etc. I resist the conversations, but he really freaks if I leave, so we talk for a minute, I rub his head, and he passes out. He told Lise one night that he wanted her to sleep with him, so I could know how he felt. :) So we have tried to incent him to sleep by giving him a goal and giving him a magnet for every night he sleeps through the night. This has reduced my number of trips to his room from 7 a night to 1. (and so I can think straight enough to blog) I have pictures of a trip to see may parents that I'll post this week and some other flower pictures that I'm sure will bore you... :) I hope to be back online tomorrow night... well rested and inspired.


Anthony and Karen said...

I love the picture of the flower! It's almost as sweet as the picture of Ryan sleeping in the car. I hope this phase with Ryan passes quickly and you all can get some well deserved rest! Love, Mom

Carla said...

Great photos! (Especially the daffodil!!)